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Short Name

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Short Name in Your GMB Profile

Make your business listing easier to find/share by creating a unique short name and URL for your profile, g.page/[YourCustomName]. “In the coming months, people will also be able to search short names in Maps.” Some business categories will not qualify for the Short Name feature (like Rehabs), so if this feature is not available in your Info section it’s possible your business category does not allow it.

You have up to 32 characters to create your custom unique short name.
You are allowed to change your name 3 times a year.
Your short name URL also can be used encourage customers to leave a review g.page/[YourCustomName]/review.
Short URL

The short name opens up possibilities to use keywords in your URL ( g.page/Edmonton-Criminal-Law), go the branded route (g.page/walmart), or align with your existing social handles, but remember that it’s first come first serve, so if someone else takes your branded name (which I wouldn’t put it past some people) then you’ll have to wait until they delete that name to gain access and that is if they ever delete it. Time will tell if using a keyword in the short URL has any benefits for Ottawa businesses.