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Google Virtual Tour – 360° Interactive Tour 

The value of a virtual tour will depend on the type of business you operate. If you’re a service area business (SAB), it’s going to be 0 (you won’t even have the option in your dashboard), but if you’re a restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, spa, or any business where being clean, cool, trendy, etc is important, then investing in a virtual tour could help convert searchers to customers. People like to know what they can expect, especially if they are looking for services where the atmosphere, design, and environment are part of the experience.

For Ottawa businesses just starting out with their local marketing, a virtual tour is also a low investment that can have a high-return. If you’re uncertain in the value of a virtual tour for your business, consider how tours can impact behavioral signals, social signals, increase engagement, generate more traffic, and ultimately help you convert.