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Create a Listing in Ottawa and the surrounding area

If you’re a new business (or existing business) but not sure if you have a listing. Start by completing some general searches.


1. General Search

First do a general search of your “Business Name” + “Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata or Orleans” to see if you can trigger a branded Knowledge Panel.


2. Searches in Maps

Also do a few searches in Maps. If you have had previous Business Names, Addresses, or Phone Numbers (NAP) then search using those variations as well. It is possible a listing could exist under past business data.

Business Name + City
Phone Number
Business Address

3. Another option

Another option too – is to go into Google Business, add a business, and type in the business name to see if anything comes up (the only issue is if there is a pre-existing listing that you didn’t catch, you potentially run the risk of creating a duplicate listing).

If you can’t trigger a branded local Knowledge Panel or any Maps results, then you will need to sign up and create a new listing. Follow the steps Google provides you with to create the listing and verify the information. The two most common verification methods are either by phone or postcard (mail). 

For some select businesses there is the option to verify instantly via Search Console and  by email. Based on your business category the verification method will usually be determined by Google, and sometimes you get the option to select your preference. 

Once the listing is verified the information goes live and you can start utilizing additional features.