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Claim/Verify a Listing

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Claim/Verify Your Ottawa Listing

If you search for your business and a listing comes up, but you don’t own that listing, you are going to have to claim ownership. For some Ottawa business owners it seems absurd that a listing can exist without them having created it, but any Google user can create a listing! This is why it’s important to take control of your information and claim/verify the listing. When a listing is not verified there is a greater chance for incorrect details being published.

Example of an unclaimed listing:

Controlling your business data and showing up in search results are the main reasons why you want a GMB listing, however, there are a bunch of additional features you can access when you have a verified listing. An unverified Ottawa listing means no access to GMB posts, the ability to respond to reviews and questions & answers as the business, direct booking, or messaging.