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Suggest an Edit

On all GMB listings there is a Suggest an Edit link.

This feature is available to any searcher who wishes to report, update or attempt to change information about a business – it could be anything from the business closed, business hours, suggesting a different primary category, and so on. This kind of user access can be harmful to your business, especially if you have not claimed the listing. 

We tested this out by getting someone we know who rarely uses their Gmail account and has zero local guide points or authority to suggest an edit on our listing, and report that our business was closed. Our listing very soon after was marked as closed. We did receive a notification alert of the change, and because we have a claimed/verified listing, we could easily revert the change. 

Having a claimed and verified listing will help immensely when it comes to combating incorrect and potentially damaging updates. While the Suggest an Edit link remains a feature, if you own the listing you should be notified of the changes, and be given the chance to review and update/revert or fix the change in your dashboard. Make sure you select to receive email notifications for updates.

There is no guarantee that you will get notified, but at the very least it is one extra step in ensuring that your listing has the correct information posted. Regularly logging in to GMB, using the available features, and ensuring your listing is accurate is your best defence to counteract bad user edits.