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Followers in Your GMB Profile

One interesting new-ish features is the “Follow” function, which allows users in the Google Maps App to follow a business or venue. Any time a business adds a new Post the followers are alerted in their “For You” section of the Maps App. 

In the latest round of GMB updates (June 2019), Google has added a special Welcome Post to reward new Followers of your Business Profile. If you want to create this post type, it will require that you download the GMB App, as it appears to be exclusively available in the app only.

  1. Open your app and click on “Profile”
  2. Click on Your “Welcome Offer”
  3. Create a special “Offer”

This is essentially the exact same as the Offer Post type, however, a Welcome Offer has a locked time frame of 2 weeks.


 Add an image or video to the offer to make it more appealing. Ideally the image will also reflect the product/services that you are promoting in your offer.

Offer Title

You get 58 characters.


Share all the details of your special offer that is exclusive to Followers, you get up to 1500 characters.

Coupon Code (Optional):

Add a special coupon code for customers to redeem online or in-store within the 2 weeks time frame. You have 58 characters.

Time Frame*

 Within 2 weeks of follow (locked). This is an automate feature, however, this does not necessarily mean you need to update your offer after the 2 week period. If that is the case, you will get a notification in your GMB App (we will keep you updated on this in 2 weeks :).

Terms and Conditions (Optional)

Add any further details and information regarding the special offer, restrictions, and the fine print should be included here. You get up to 5,000 characters.

Website (Optional)

 Add a URL for users to redeem offer on your website if this is applicable. You get up to 2,093 characters.


 These appear automatically to the follower as a small link to the website, or a larger Save button that direct downloads the offer to the user’s Album/Picture folder on their device.